Modified Divisions

This 6 cell solid board divider is known as a "U Bend" with a "Reinforced Piece" which gives the division stability
within a case if bottles are inserted after the division.

These dividers can be custom-made to suit any bottle packaging
for wines, spirits and soft drinks, all designed, manufactured
and supplied at our centrally located factory in Port Glasgow.
MÖLLE Interlok 's standard unlined chip board ranges from
700 - 1150 microns in thickness and can be poly coated or
finished to a very smooth quality to prevent damage to the
product in and out of transit.

The unique, easy-to-assemble design of our modified divider
speeds up packing assembly making it more time and cost
effective, and will always remain rigid within the case.

Once we understand your products and requirements, we will work together to determine the exact board thickness needed for optimum cushioning and protection during transit, as well as divider size and coating to ensure bottles are stored and shipped safely and effectively, minimizing your product damage and losses.

Due to our manufacturing process, there are no tooling charges for standard products.

For professional, expert advice on your packaging requirements call MÖLLE Interlok Packaging today on +44 (0)1475 707669 or get in touch with our online enquiry form.


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